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Dr. Jomar Tinaza

          Dr. Jomar Tinaza was the founder of Asian Aesthetic Center. He was a board-certified plastic and facial reconstruction surgeon who has trained in the Philippines as well as Korea, the world capital of plastic surgery. Dr. Tinaza always aimed for perfection. He utilized the latest technology and techniques, specializing in reconstructive rhinoplasty and facial bone contouring.

          Dr. Tinaza was also a practicing maxillofacial surgeon at Quezon City General Hospital. With more than fifteen years of experience, he was regarded as one of the best surgeons by his colleagues and was frequently asked to conduct lectures in the Philippines and abroad.

          He was a fellow of the Facial Aesthetic Core of ENT Surgeons (FACES), an organization dedicated to the training of facial plastic and cosmetic surgeons.

          Due to his kindhearted nature, Dr. Tinaza shared his passion for charity with others by providing free surgery for the needy at Quezon City General Hospital.

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