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Enhancing Beauty

Empowering Confidence

About us

Asian Aesthetic Center Dermatology and Facial Plastic Surgery is a renowned aesthetic center which offers facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, dermatological services, slimming procedures and stem cell therapy.

We offer a variety of treatments and procedures to meet all of your aesthetic needs. We have several doctors who specialize in various fields of cosmetic surgery. They are board-certified and respected in their respective fields.  

Our center has a branch located in San Diego, California called Clear Skin Medical Spa which is managed by Dr. Arwinnah Bautista, a U.S. licensed and board-certified doctor. We are also affiliated with South Korea's Boaz Hospital. Dr. Beongsum Kim brings his expertise as a Korean-licensed physician to keep us up-to-date on the latest technologies in aesthetics from Korea, the world’s capital of plastic surgery.


Our Doctors


Dr. Amy Bautista

Dr. Amy Bautista is the Medical Director and the chief of the dermatological unit of Asian Aesthetic Center. She believes in a holistic approach to enhancing one's beauty. As a portrait artist, Dr. Bautista incorporates her artistic eye in improving one's appearance in a way that looks natural.

Dr. Jomar Tinaza

Dr. Jomar Tinaza was the founder of Asian Aesthetic Center. He was a board-certified plastic and facial reconstruction surgeon who has trained in the Philippines as well as Korea, the world capital of plastic surgery. Graduating at the top of his class, Dr. Tinaza always aimed for perfection. He utilized the latest technology and techniques, specializing in reconstructive rhinoplasty and facial bone contouring.

Dr. Seung Youl Han

Dr. Han is a licensed plastic surgeon in Korea who specializes in plastic and reconstructive surgery. He is the Director and CEO of DH Plastic Surgery Clinic in Seoul, Korea. He is a member of various professional societies, and a very active member of the Korean Society of Rhinoplastic Surgeons. He is Asian Aesthetic Center's plastic surgery consultant.

Dr. Beongsum Kim

          Dr. Beongsum Kim is a physician licensed in South Korea and the Medical Director of Boaz Hospital at Buchem City, South Korea. He is part of Asian Aesthetic Center's Medical Advisory Board. Dr. Kim is a member of the Liposuction Society in Korea and the world-renowned surgical group, Cosmetic Surgery Asia. He visits our center every month to keep the center up-to-date with the latest technology in dermatology and cosmetic surgery in Korea.

Dr. Arwinnah Bautista

          Dr. Arwinnah Bautista is a U.S. licensed physician and operator of the Clear Skin Medical Spa in National City, CA, a sister company of Asian Aesthetic Center. She had her residency training at Maryland General Hospital, in Baltimore, MD. Aside from her work at Clear Skin, she is also a practicing physician at various hospitals in San Diego, CA. Dr. Bautista provides AAC with access to the latest technology from the aesthetic industry in the US.

Asian Aesthetic Center Surgical Team

Our surgeons are board-certified and highly experienced in facial plastic and cosmetic surgery. We have doctors who specialize in Craniomaxilllofacial Bioengineering and Facial Prosthesis. We also have doctors who specialize in rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, facial bone contouring, and breast augmentation. As we personalize each of our patient's surgical procedures, we make sure that they get the right surgeon to achieve the best enhancements in the most natural looking way.

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